JTB’s Fitness Center Academy

 JTB’s Certification program provides educational services for the average fitness center member who wants to learn how to use their fitness center so they can enhance and arm themselves with the proper education needed to know right from wrong, especially from what they see other gym members doing. Believe it or not, 99% of active gym members do not know how to work out properly. Being a personal trainer and gym owner for the past 25 years, I know what existing and new members need to learn in order to understand and develop a safe and effective fitness program. It’s very important to know what your body is doing and why. You would not invest your retirement money in the stock market if you had no knowledge of finances, right? It’s no different for fitness, but everyday millions of Americans join fitness centers or start a boot camp and have no knowledge of their bodies. This lack of education is the main reason why the majority of beginners never achieve their fitness goals. 

This is why it’s very important to know the principles of:

1) Exercise physiology

2) Nutrition

3) Exercise Program Development

4) Anatomy (Muscles and Skeletal)

5) Aches and Pains: You will understand soreness and the aches and pains you develop when exercising and how to treat an injured muscle without perceiving the worst.

  JTB certified members develop such a strong knowledge of fitness centers, exercise and program development, strength training, and nutrition that they are able to help generate healthier lifestyles for themselves, family and friends. As an organization, JTB is dedicated to improving the understanding of fitness, health and wellness. Our focus is to expand the knowledge base of those who enroll in our certification programs beyond the status quo. We administer a certification exams designed to challenge each student’s comprehension of nutrition, exercise, Anatomy and Muscle Combining.

Once you have successfully finished the certification program, you will be able to continue you fitness lifestyle without quitting and never again fall for the next infomercial gadget, lotion, potion or powder to keep you motivated or create a false sense of accomplishment.