I recently started the online dating see, which to me is an awful experience no matter what site I use. What ever happened to talking in the gym, or parties? I first started with tinder and that is no different than Bumble.

Being savvy in website building and tracking, I quickly realized that the profiles seemed fake, or vacant. There are companies that sell fake profiles for dating sites and teach the owner of the site, how to play the real customer into buying upgrades. Millennials asked for this scamming because they want dating sites to be flooded quickly with profiles and have instant gratification.

Before I start on bumbles review, I did actually meet a lady on Bumble who was really nice, looked like her pics, but not much of a match. She told me, shes been on the site for 4 months, and has not talked to, had a return match message, and certainly has not met any man from bumble, till me. I also met a nice beautiful match on Tinder, but that’s for another review. Real profiles do exist on bumble, but very few, and you have to swipe many times before you actually find one. Instagram ladies, are on both Tinder and Bumble solely for the purpose of getting IG followers.

Back to Bumble. I was told about Bumble by a friend of mine who did not use Bumble but was told by another friend that it was ok. So, I tried it and still trying it. I am convinced, after swiping through over 1000 ladies profiles,with only 2 ladies that actually spoke on the phone and 1 meeting me, that Bumbles profiles are mostly vacant, abandoned, or were purchased fake profiles.

Since bumble makes the lady reply first on a match, one would think a lady would respond better than “Hi” and or “Hello”, with no other dialogue. When I responded to those matched messages, the lady said nothing more. Mind you, a guy can NOT message the lady till the lady has accepted your match and messaged first. Even more frustrating, if the lady changed her mind, after her initial “HI” message, you would think she would delete your match and move on, but that wasn’t the case. The matches would just sit there in you message box, eventually and automatically delete after 24hr.

I even said to the messaging ladies “Hello are you still there?” “Should I delete our match if you’re not going to continue messaging”? Still, I got no reply. This tells me, it’s a moderator sending a initial contact to lead you on and stay on the site to buy or membership upgrades.

Women by nature are investigators, and read everything. If they matched with you, that means they pre read your profile, maybe looked you up on line and then message with many questions, eventually wanting to talk on the phone. Since, this only happened twice out of 1000+ profiles, and 11 matches that never contacted with their initial message, i am sure this site is a scam. But I didn’t stop there!

I then decided to show my websites, allowing the ladies easy ability to look me up directly. My websites have traffic counters which show where a searcher entered, with city locations, dates and times. After, I added the websites URL’s I returned to endless swiping of profiles not discriminating anyone. When I looked for the next 48 hours on my click counters, not one person used those links. Hmmmmm.

As for all the reviews on here, they are spot on about their experiences. Customer contact is poor, they come back with weak answers and in my opinion, monitor your profile so harsh, they prevent you from having freedom of speech.

Having done my swipe test on Bumble, I can safely say it’s a big FUMBLE and a scam site. In my opinion, Apple should take them off the app store.

thoracic spine


Thoracic Spine


Bones and areas to remember for the Thoracic Spine:

  1. 12 Vertebrae in the Thoracic Spine
  2. Spinous Process
  3. Transverse Process
  4. Body of the Vertebrae
  5. Superior Costal Facets (for the head of the ribs


Thoracic Vertebrae & Anatomy

Thoracic Vertebrae & Anatomy

Knee Patella, Injuries & Pain and  Ligaments

See Quadriceps Exercises

Anterior Tibialis Pain

The Anterior Tibialis is where shin splints come from. The Anterior Tibialis job is to lift the front of the foot to clear the ground when running. This action can over work the muscle causing it to inflame. The inflammation compounded by a dropping Talus bone (flat footed), will pull down on the distal end of the Anterior Tibialis tendon pulling the muscle from the Tibia bone causing pain and inflammation. It is important to make sure you have proper arch support in your shoes with professional, doctor grade, shoe orthotics. This will help support the Talus bone and take the stress off the Tibialis muscle.

Peroneus Longus Brevis and Tertius Pain


Basically, the Peronius Longus muscle starts above from the head and upper two-thirds of the lateral surface of the fibula. It continues down running behind the lateral malleolus and attaches below on the lateral side of the base of the first metatarsal bone. It is part of three muscles known as the Peroneus group, Peroneus Longus Brevis and Tertius, The Peronius Longus plantar flexes and inverts the foot also supporting the arch.


The Extensor Hallucis Brevis arises from the calcaneus and attaches on the 1st proximal phalanx or the big toe where it help extend the big toe.

The Extensor Hallucis Longus starts at the anterior surface of the Fibula and also attaches below on the 1st Proximal Phalanx or big toe and helps extend it, but also causes dorsiflexion of the foot and ankle.

(Abdominal Muscles) RECTUS ABDOMINIS

See Exercises

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See Wrist Exercises

Extensor Carpi Ulnaris and Radialis

(See Exercises)

(See More Explanation)

Teres Major and Minor (Also See Rotator Cuff S.I.T.S)